Portal Brazil USA

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Scope of Work

Complete creation of a new listing type website with multi-language support, including:

  • Redesign
  • Blog
  • Ajax Filters
  • SEO Optimization
  • Portuguese & English Language Content
  • Editable via WordPress panel
"Letting the team at Grow redesign our directory and institutional website was the best thing that happened to us. Our previous site was not editable, nor was it optimized for SEO. We're now fully able to control our directory, and starting to get organic visitors from Google Search."
Jamile Storck

Complete creation of a new listing-type website, SEO Optimized, with multi-language support.

Full work description

Portal Brazil USA is a directory of Brazilian Business in the San Diego area. They came to us wishing to redesign their website and also make it more editable.

Once we got to know their goals, we knew the best way they could get more visitors to their listing was by improving their SEO. And their old website was made without considering that.

We have completely redesigned their website from the ground up using WordPress and Elementor. Plus, we've added multi-lingual support and made the entire site available in English and Portuguese.

The end result is functional and beautiful!


  • Improved site functionality
  • Improved site functionality
  • More returning visitors
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